Penny Arcade the Game – Gamers vs. Evil Strategy: Top Five Gamer Cards

By Brian Durkin
Going green requires an environmentally conscious mind. You need to know how to prioritize the best cards for taking down bosses. The following list breaks down the best tools for cleaning up all the points.
Honorable Mention: Sorcelator
Although Sorcelator does not provide a lot of tokens or power, Penny Arcade provides players with little options for drawing cards; therefore, anything that draws cards should immediately grab your attention. A card that replaces itself theorethcially keeps your deck size down. This helps players see their best cards more often and sooner because a smaller deck lets players reshuffle faster. Sorcelator also enables players to build strategies that do not focus on just one resource type.
#5: Werewolf with a Top Hat
Werewolf in a Top Hat
Of course you should really only consider a strategy of building up both resource types if this bad boy, I mean wolf, is in play. Werewolf with a Top Hat gives players a huge boost in both resource categories simultaneously. Cards like World’s Biggest Grape seem unplayable when creatures with fancy head gear lurk on the table. Players should consider picking up Werewolves even in a deck dedicated to tokens. Three tokens from one cards still provides a big boost for taking down bosses, and the extra power will come in handy near the end game to pick up some extra points.
#4: Faerie Candymancer
Faerie Candymancer
Another sly way of picking up extra points involves removing negative values from you deck. Nothing rewards you more for deleting PAX Pox then Faerie Candymancer. The mechanic of deleting pops up in every deck building card game, and players should take advantage of it. Remember the benefits of drawing extra cards to keep you deck size down? Well deleting literally keeps your deck size small. The fact that Candymancer provides two tokens as well insures you won’t lose too much purchasing power as you thin out your deck.

#3: Robot Cowboy Angel
Robot Cowboy Angel
You may not need Faerie Candymancer to remove PAX Pox if Robot Cowboy Angel stops you from ever receiving any. This cards shuts down PVP attacks better than anything else in the game. The fact that it discards to draw two actually benefits you when players use an attack card. It also puts you in a position to absorb a hit from Laser Squid if you don’t draw another PVP Defense card. Even if players don’t attack you on their turns, the Robot replaces himself on your turn. You really can’t ask for more. Well you can, but don’t get greedy. The only thing this card doesn’t do is provide the player with tokens.
#2: Pickle Recognition Engine
Pickle Recognition Engine
If the Robot draws you into this card than theoretically it can add a lot of tokens. Players need to dedicate their decks to a Token strategy in order to maximize the benefits of this card. The more green cards you acquire, the better the chances are that this card will always provide five tokens. Since this game does not restrict the amount of cards  you can buy in a turn, you will almost never waste the extra tokens the Pickle Recognition Engine provides. Almost no other card in the game will help you take down Green bosses faster. Almost.
#1: Bat Milk
Bat Milk
Yes. You read this card correctly. It’s the most broken card to ever exist in any deck building card game system. By itself it provides an engine to delete cards from your deck and draw a bunch of cards. Assuming you buy enough copies, this card can lead you to draw your entire deck. When this card hits the table, anyone not playing Gamer will lose. Whoever buys the most copies of Bat Milk usually will win. Some test groups in the area have already nominated banning the card from play because of its negative impact on the game. If your friends still allow it in play, make sure you corner the market on this deadly dairy product.
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