WBC Coverage: 7 Wonders Preliminary Round Continued

By Brian Durkin

Lori Miskoff plays several board games. Last Thursday she decided to try her luck in the 7 Wonders tournament at the World Boardgaming Championship. Hope you bet the pass line with Lori as a shooter. She made it to the quarterfinals, beating out 128 other participants. In game one she won the table playing Olympia. Game two she needed to keep her lead with Ephesus. Check out how she did in the video below as Brian reviews her picks and interviews Lori about her play style.

Would you draft Ephesus the same way Lori did? What key picks do you agree or disagree with that Brian points out? Prepare yourself to argue. Lori still placed third  in the game covered, and won overall with a combined score against six other players. Do you think her conservative and diversified strategy will usually win games?

Let us know what you think.

Additional Information

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