Fluxx 4.0 Strategy: The Top Ten Action Cards


Fluxx 4.0
The best offense is a good defense. Or is it the best defense is a good offense? Either statement fits when playing Fluxx. Some cards provide such broken effects that going offensive will win you the game in no time; however, the existence of these broken cards may force you to do whatever you possibly can to prevent your opponents from winning. To win you need the right combination of keepers and goals, and action cards facilitate your search for these cards. In your pursuit to win or prevent others from winning, which action cards provide the best benefits?
Below includes a list of the top ten most powerful action cards in the latest printing of Fluxx. This list also includes promo cards compatible with Fluxx 4.0.
10) Let’s Do That Again
Let’s Do That Again has the potential to reactivate any other card on this list. It theoretically can have the same power as the best card. The balance of this card comes from its dependency on a good action card or rule card in the discard pile to retrieve. Unless someone plays It’s Trash Day or you draw this card early on in the game, you will usually play it immediately for a huge effect. In either case I would just hold onto it for a few turns. Someone will play one of the following cards. Just hope they do not play the next card on this list.
9) Rotate Hands
This card punishes a neighbor for loading up on cards and not playing them. If you trade a bad hand away, Rotate Hands works best if you can keep the rules for playing cards to a minimum. It can also start a comeback by providing you with a whole new hand. This card also provides a lot of information knowledge the turn you play it, giving you more data to evaluate whether or not to play cards like Taxation. Information knowledge can help you decide whether or not you want to play high risk high reward cards.
8) Draw 2 and use ‘em
Although high risk, the ability to play multiple cards in a turn without a rule in place gives a player a huge advantage. Even with the ability to play more than one card in a turn, this card provides straight card and tempo advantage. Unlike a certain other card with a similar effect, Draw 2 and use ‘em forces you to play what you draw; this can backfire with Rotate Hands coming up when you like your hand or putting a goal into play that gives an opponent the victory. Try to play this card when players possess few keepers and cards in hand because it minimizes the potential for it to backfire.
7) Trash Something
Want to destroy a pesky keeper? Trash Something does the job better than anything else. It sets up better odds for Draw 2 and use ‘em, as well as prevents an opponent from winning from some of the goals in the deck. The ability to destroy a creeper puts you back in the game, making this one of the most powerful destroy cards in the deck; the key phrase is “one of,” because Trash Something ranks third in removal effects.
6) Zap-A-Card
You cannot ignore the power level of removing rules or goals from play with Zap-A-Card. Goals create the win conditions and rules usually facilitate a player in winning faster. Trash Something cannot provide every type of protection of preventing opponents from winning before you. Zap-A-Card not only removes the card from play, but allows you to play it again. The allows you to really abuse powerful rule cards. Its only drawback comes from its ineffective way of dealing with creepers. You Also Need a Potato will help mitigate the drawback of destroying the Radioactive Potato with Zap-A-Card, but you could use Zap-A-Card to just destroy that rule.
5) Rules Reset
Try to save Zap-A-Gap for something other than a rule if you hold Rules Reset in your hand. This powerful action card brings the game back to its basic level. Usually a player will combo off thanks to powerful rule cards like Play All and Draw 5. Rules Reset disables these effects if you feel behind and do not want your opponents to pull ahead. Do not forget to end the rules after you abuse them. For example, playing Rules Reset as the last play during a turn where you took advantage of Play 4 and Draw 5 will significantly push you ahead of your opponents. They can only hope to restore the chaos that rule cards can bring with the second promo card on this list.
4) Pandora’s Box
This powerful effect does a lot for one action card. It allows you to put three cards into play by only playing one card. Since you put the rules into play, Pandora’s Box allows you to take advantage of them first. The drawback to Pandora’s Box comes from the randomness of what you receive. Count the cards already played to better predict your odds of what rules or types of rule effects you can generate with Pandora’s Box. Finally Pandora’s Box fills the discard pile. This means it enhances the power level of cards like Let’s Do It Again, but it also potentially takes away key cards. Pandora’s Box could allow you to discard that missing keeper or goal that an opponent needed to win. If you put into play great rule cards for yourself as well as take away cards your opponents were looking for then Pandora’s Box hit the jackpot.
3) Jackpot!
Draw three cards. To use Magic: the Gathering jargon, you just “Ancestral’ed yourself” (the term drives from a card with a similar effect). To draw this many additional cards from one effect or card with no drawback creates a huge advantage for the player. In a game like Fluxx where card advantage can usually dictate the winner, very few cards can compare to Jackpot! The card does not win games immediately when you play it because it provides no built in way to play additional cards. Without rules to play more than one card a turn, players can recover from this huge increase in card advantage.
2) Take Another Turn
Another card with an MTG equivalent (Time Walk) that suffers from playing only one card a turn, Take Another Turn provides one unique benefit over Jackpot! It grows exponentially with each additional play allowed each turn. Play 4 allows a player to play Jackpot! and the three cards you draw from it. Play 2 allows the same amount of additional cards played if you play Take Another Turn. You draw two less cards over the two turns compared to the Jackpot! example, but your opponents do not receive the bonus of playing upwards of four cards as well. The more cards someone can play and draw, the better chance that person stands at winning. Take Another Turn and Jackpot! provide great combos with other effects, but one action card does not need a combo to produce amazing results.
1) Draw 3, Play 2 of Them
You draw as many cards as Jackpot! with a built in play extra cards attached. All of this power coming from one card frees up your actions for playing even more cards if the rules allow you. The ability to discard the remaining card keeps you from putting a card into play that may hurt you. Overall nothing can truly match Draw 3, Play 2 of Them without combining with other cards in the deck. This one card combo takes the prize as the best action card in Fluxx, and possibly the best card in the game.
Do you think Draw 3, Play 2 of Them deserves the top spot? Do you think drawing cards versus taking an extra turn leads to more victories? Does Zap-A-Card’s drawback make you rank it lower on your list? Comment below on what you think of the top ten action cards and provide us with your own list.
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