Brian Durkin used to play competitive trading card games, but retired and now plays non-collectible card games. He played such games as Magic: the Gathering, WOW TCG, VS System, Call of Cthulhu, and many many others. His career of playing card games has spanned upwards of 20 years, playing over 25 different card games. Brian achieved the most success in the WOW TCG, winning the Philadelphia Dream Machine Championship and placing 9th in the 2008 North American Continental Championship. With a passion for writing, he started Next Level Card Games in hopes of enhancing the community’s skill level. He also shoots, edits, as well as records all audio and video projects.


Craig Berry won the 2011 World Break Key Championship, bringing the title back to the United States. He also plays Magic: the Gathering as well as some board games. This might surprise you because when you may have only seen him trading cards instead of actually playing. A fierce competitor and an incredible marketer, he leads the Next Level Card Game Street Team. If you wanted one of those limited edition stickers, then find Craig and he will provide you with one.


Vishu Doshi used to play Magic: the Gathering, which might explain his affinity for deck building non-collectible card games. He has played probably as many games of Dominion as a pizza shop owner has made pies. He provides insightful commentary and advisement on several projects by Next Level Card Games.


Erin Kane‘s expertise in D.I.Y. crafts allows her to paint incredible shirts. Out of all the games she plays, Erin enjoys Texas Hold ‘Em the most. Watch out, Levelers. All is fair in love, war, and poker.


Mark Hornung may force you to quit playing Vintage with his savage skills piloting Dredge, which earned him the crown at the 2011 Vintage Championship. He also has no problem busting you in Tichu or Ascension. If you do play him in a board game he no doubt will recommend you visit this site. As part of the Next Level Card Games Street Partol, Mark campaigns for the website by handing out stickers and spreading the word of mouth about NLCG.


Summer Newitt works at Alternate Universes, a game shop located in the Philadelphia area. She used to play several different trading card games including Magic: the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! She placed top 16 in the 2006 Full Metal Alchemist World Championships. Now she prefers to play non-collectible card games such as 7 Wonders and Ascension.


Rachel Stevenson uses her brilliant design skills to craft the stencils for the NLCG T-shirts. Besides creating shirts and supporting the site, she loves to play Catch Phrase and hopes to own a pet pig.