Ascension Video Coverage: Brian vs. Paul and the Power of Path Warden

by Brian Durkin

Path Warden is a recent Games Day Promo

The following videos cover a game of Ascension between Brian Durkin and Paul Durkin. This game ends up demonstrating the power level of Path Warden, the importance of controlling the center row, and what can happen when you make mistakes banishing the wrong cards. The video below covers the first half of the game. Enjoy.
Video Coverage Part I – Brian Durkin vs. Paul Durkin
Wielding a deck with such high card quality, Paul really pushed ahead of me. Can I redeem myself by acquiring a few big Mechana Constructs? Check out the conclusion in the second part below.


Video Coverage Part II – Brian Durkin vs. Paul Durkin
Thanks for tuning in. Did you agree or disagree with the players’ moves? Did you agree or disagree with my comments in the videos? How would you play certain game states that appeared in the video? What did you think of the video coverage?
Let us know what you think.
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Alternate Universes – Ascension

Video Credits:
 Shot, edited, narrated, and produced by Brian Durkin
 Music sampling “Oscar Wilde” by Company of Thieves
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  1. I chose the ascetic over the arbiter because I wanted to make full use of my 5 run draw, and I don't like the arbiter as much at I don't net gain any cards in my hand.I also always forget to lessen my prioritization of deck thinners as the game goes on.

  2. I would have picked the Arbiter because you have a good chance of being able to buy both, where your brother is stuck on 4 runes and while he snap picked the Arbiter he could not have picked up the Ascetic, and would likely have had to buy Spike Vixen/Heavy Infantry here, which solidifies your hold on the top end cards.OTOH, you had better odds of getting Pathwarden on turn 3 with Ascetic, but the odds are very slim in the first place and I feel Arbiter as a turn 1 or 2 buy is probably one of the strongest buys in the game. Your odds of getting 5 or more on turn 3 would be really good, your brother's not so much.

  3. Nice video and nice game. It was actually very well paced to your guys' credit. The commentary was also very good, informative and concise. You talked quickly but I did not feel you rushed, or felt rushed, at all. If you did feel at parts you wanted to talk more about something but were afraid that the actual action would take outpace your commentary, I think a pause in the video would be fine for viewers, I mean levelers, at home. 22 minutes for a really interactive game of Ascension is great. I look forward to episode 2, season 1 of Ascension.

  4. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the video. Expect more on the way. NLCG will put out more videos hopefully in the next week or so after it acquires some new video equipment.Future videos may run longer depending on how fast the players play, but I also expect to add other commentators. Hopefully that will help balance out any longer gaps in action.

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