Ascension: Return of the Fallen Monster Preview Cards

by Brian Durkin

Ascension: Return of the Fallen Expansion

Everyone loves spoilers. Magic players wait up all night for the newest preview card. Sports fans tune into draft day to see what next year’s roster will look like. Ascension fans browse the internet looking for the latest information on the next expansion set. Luckily for Ascension players the new expansion hits stores in a couple of weeks. You can find more information about it on the Ascension official website. When you preorder the expansion from a local hobby store or the website you should receive the promo card below.
Kythis, the Gatekeeper

I love this monster. The developers really upped the ante on creativity for monster rewards this time around. Kythis, the Gatekeeper reminds me of Vedah, Sage of Swords. Both may not provide a great card, but when they do you can see your opponent’s morale dissipate. I also like how if someone banishes Kythis, the card underneath him does not “disappear.” Players still have a chance to acquire or defeat whatever he protected. I think he provides a fun aspect to the game; however, the monsters in Return to the Fallen posses much more vicious rewards.


Bazu, Duke of Scorn

I might think twice about acquiring lots of constructs with Bazu, Duke of Scorn running around. Four points on top of his devastating ability may seem like a lot, but his ability only cripples opponents who control several constructs. Almost every player will discard one card to keep his or her only construct. Do not expect this monster to remove from play a single Snapdragon, Voidthrister, or The All-Seeing Eye. You need to defeat something like Vaultbreaker Wurm. Bazu, Duke of “Destorying Constructs” will decimate anyone building a large collection of mechana constructs. Just hope those players do not have Dhartha’s Retreat to mitigate the damage of Bazu.
Fire Tyrant

Tired of playing and want to grab a bite to eat. Want to end the game fast because your opponent keeps gaining ground on you? Take down a couple of Fire Tyrants and the game will end in no time. With making opponents discard a card, a heavy power strategy can sprint ahead of many players with monsters like this guy. If you need time to fine tune your deck, do not let your opponent defeat Fire Tyrants or you will lose the race. Prioritize cards like Seer of the Forked Path and banish this guy as fast as possible. You do not want to lose your chance to acquire Master Dartha because your opponent gained six honor and cost you the seventh rune in your hand.

Sordid Asp

Sordid Asp is my favorite monster in the new set. If your opponent leads in honor, defeating a three power monster swings the score by five points. A great value that also does not accelerate the pace of the game. Players who prefer to build their decks to acquire as oppose to defeat will love this monster. If you take the power heavy route in two player, you cannot let your opponent defeat this monster. Try banishing it with an ability. If you cannot, then suck it up and defeat it yourself. I’d rather gain one honor than lose a spread of five honor on my opponent.

Ravenous Gorth

Ravenous Gorph can aid any player who needs the previous monsters banished instead of defeated. His fate ability will make players think twice about acquiring or defeating multiple cards in the center row if they want certain card to stay for a while.  In two-player Ascension, controlling what cards remain in the center row gives you a huge edge over your opponent. Thanks to the next expansion, players can now retrieve cards in the void.  On the Ascension official website, you can read Brian Kibler’s new article about this new cycle of cards. Even with this this new effect, banishing cards in the center row can buy you enough time where your opponent may not recover.

Of course some cards you cannot banish …

Samael the Fallen

Ever run late to see the latest comic book movie in theaters because you could not end the game fast enough? You can thank Samael for guaranteeing you won’t miss anymore previews. This guy’s effect adds serious attack power to anyone’s deck. If you already built a power heavy deck, it just received a turbo engine. If you concentrated on runes, now each monster you happen to defeat will feel like you acquired a free Emri, One with the Void. Even when you do not abuse his ability during the game, you still receive eight honor! Good Game, bra. Maybe he will not swing the lead as much as I think, but on the surface he appears quite bananas. I guess we will find out when Ascension: Return of the Fallen hits stores June 29th.

Don’t forget to comment below on your impression of the new monsters.

Let us know what you think.

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  1. The Gorph is my favorite monster in Ascension so far, there's just something fun in saying "Om Nom Nom" or "Coooooo-kie" when he pops up. The Asp is nice though. Try using Voidthirster and Guardian of Sadranis to defeat him and get a 6 point honor swing instead of the norm.

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