Resident Evil Deck Building Game: How Would You Play This Board? #1

Leon, Sheva, Ada, Rebecca
Below is a suggested scenario to try with a group of friends. You don’t need four players, but it’s recommend. You need the Base Set and the Outbreak expansion in order to play. The details for the scenario are listed below.
Deck Manipulators
Injectin, Wesker’s Secret,
Escape from the Dead City,
Ominous Battle
  • Story Mode
  • Standard Infection Deck
  • Mansion Deck: 40 Cards (list posted below) 
  • Sets Required: Base and Outbreak
  • Players must choose one of the following characters when playing this scenario
Characters and Starting Decks:
Leon S. Kennedy (CH-026)
  • 6x Ammo x10
  • 1x Power of the T-Virus
  • 2x Standard Sidearm
  • 1x Returned Favor
Ada Wong (CH-006)
  • 7x Ammo x10
  • 2x Master of Unlocking
  • 1x Hangun
Sheva Alomar (CH-004)
  • 7x Ammo x10
  • 1x Deadly Aim
  • 2x Bolt-Action Rifle
Rebecca Chambers (CH-010)
  • 7x Ammo x10
  • 1x First Aid Spray
  • 1x Shattered Memories
  • 1x Green Herb


Handgun, Assault Machine Gun,
Bolt-Action Rifle, Six Shooter
Actions, Items, and Weapons
  • Injection
  • Item Management
  • Wesker’s Secret
  • Umbrella Corporation
  • The Gathering Darkness
  • Ominous Battle
  • Escape From the Dead City
  • Green Herb
  • Handgun (Burst-Fire Handgun)
  • Assault Machine Gun (Full-Bore Machine Gun)
  • Bolt-Action Rifle (Semi-Automatic Rifle)
  • Six Shooter
The Gathering Darkenss, Green Herb,
Umbrella Corporation,
Item Management
Mansion Deck
  • 1x MA-012 Rocket Launcher Case
  • 1x MA-013 Gatling Gun Case
  • 3x MA-015 Cerberus
  • 1x MA-016 El Gigante
  • 1x MA-017 Executioner
  • 1x MA-041 Tyrant T-002
  • 2x MA-042 Yawn
  • 1x MA-043 Nemesis 2nd Form
  • 3x MA-044 Grave Zombie
  • 2x MA-045 Wasp
  • 2x MA-046 Web Spinner
  • 3x MA-047 Reinforced Zombie
  • 2x MA-048 Crimson Head
  • 3x MA-049 Reinforced Licker
  • 2x MA-050 Grave Digger
  • 3x MA-051 Zombie Cop
  • 2x MA-052 Eliminator
  • 1x MA-053 Lisa Trevor
  • 1x MA-054 Kevlar Jacket
  • 2x MA-055 Antivirus
  • 1x MA-056 Laser Trap
  • 1x MA-057 Rock Trap
  • 3x IT-002 Yellow Herb
Game Ends when someone defeats Tyrant T-002 (MA-041) or when all but one player is eliminated from the game.  Cards that start in a player’s deck that do not have supply piles in the center are removed from the game entirely if an effect removes them from a player’s deck.
What strategy will you use to succeed at the table? Do you think the game state could allow a player to turn into a zombie and still win? Which character would you like to play as? How many negative Decorations would you take in the beginning of the game in order to play as the character you want?
Let us know what you think.
Additional Information
For more information about Resident Evil: Outbreak, check the product page on
If you live in the tri-state area, consider stopping by AU to pick up a copy and play with just about anyone. Many gamers know how to play this game and enjoy playing with anyone.


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