WBC Coverage: Dominion Finals with Randy Buehler

By Brian Durkin

If someone wagered with another spectator over who would win the Dominion Championship, that person better hope they did not bet with someone from the MTG community. Those players know Mr. Buehler is a force to be reckoned with. Skipping a finals for another board game, Magic: the Gathering Hall of Famer Randy Buehler wins the Dominion Championship at the 2011 World Boardgaming Championship. Check out the video below to see how he overcame the competition, which included Dominion Strategy Founder Edward Fu.



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Interested in the World Boardgaming Championship? Check out the link.
For more information about Dominion check the product page on BoardGameGeek.com.
Or check out Edward Fu’s site: Dominion Strategy
If you live in the tri-state area, consider the following stores to pick up a copy and or play with local players.


  1. The MTG community is a force to reckon. They have one of the best players in their team.

  2. I emailed John Weber, the GM for last years World Boardgaming Championship, on the subcejt of seat positon in PR. Here’s my letter, and then his very interesting response! I just read your excellent recap from the WBC on your amazing Puerto Rico tournament. Thank you for the fantastic read A question, if I am trouble you:Are there any thoughts about how to better equalize the winning chances for the 1st and 2nd seat? It seems that the wins are far from evenly balanced. I wonder if in tournament play anyone has discussed a possible play-balance?Sincerely, David Oberheu His response: Hi David I have spent many hours agonizing over the question you ask. The best way which of course would take more time would be to have an equal number of plays for each player in feach of the four seat positions. I am contemplating doing something like this for next year’s tournament, which would entail a major format change (and much more GM intervention and planning) by going for a four-round Swiss elimination system which each player playing four games versus different opponents in each of the four seats. Then the top ranked players would play-off to a four-player final. In the final I may mandate (as opposed to an option) where players can bid in increments of 0.5 VP for preferred seat positions which are subtracted from the final score. If you are familiar with the games Evo and Amun Re, they use a similar bidding mechansim you can place a marker on a space for any seat that no one has bid on, or choose to raise someone else’s bid and then once all four players’ markers are on different seats, the auction ends. I offered this option to the four players at the 2005 WBC final but no one took me up on it, leaving their fates to a random draw. For the semis, I think it is possible to do a pick-em based on positions after the earlier four-round Swiss to reward the higher ranked players. Wow! Very interesting I think his method of bidding in .5vp increments is the system to use. Thanks John!

    • Thanks for sharing that information. I really think did enjoy meeting John. They do a great job at the WBC. Any board game tournament organizer can learn a lot from how the WBC runs the week long convention.

  3. I like the efforts you have put in this, thankyou for all the great blog posts.

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