WBC Coverage: Dominion Semifinals

By Brian Durkin

Some say that second place is the first loser. Not in my book. Laura Dewalt doesn’t believe in that saying either. Extremely proud and happy with her accomplishment in the Dominion Tournament at the World Boardgaming Championship, Laura sits down with me to discuss her strategies in the final two rounds of the event. By the way, the finals are stacked: An avid board gamer who’s attended the WBC since the beginning (quite an exclusive club of approximately ten or twenty members), Edward Fu (yeah he’s the guy who runs http://dominionstrategy.com/), and Randy Buehler (Magic: the Gathering Hall of Famer who skipped a finals for another game to keep playing Dominion). Laura had no problem killing most of this tough crowd. She what she had to say about her strategies for playing Dominion in the video below.


Additional Information

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For more information about Dominion check the product page on BoardGameGeek.com.
Or check out Edward Fu’s site: Dominion Strategy
If you live in the tri-state area, consider the following stores to pick up a copy and or play with local players.

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