WBC Coverage: Race for the Galaxy Quarterfinals

You need to play with the best in order to be the best. J.R. Geronimo does that on a daily basis. A friend of Robert Renaud, Geronimo plays a lot of Race for the Galaxy. He put up good showings in past tournaments. How did he do this year? Check out the highlights of his quarterfinal match below. Brian Durkin sits down with J.R. and they discuss his approach to the game and his thoughts on this match. Enjoy.

How do you feel about blind trades? Do you like taking the risk or do you find yourself playing more risk adverse?

Let us know what you think.


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  1. With Episilon's consume power, and two free military worlds, he could go the opposite of blind trading. He could just settle/settle early without needing to trade and get card flow from leaching others consumes.

  2. I think JR sounds brilliant and I just posted this interview to my twitter feed

  3. Does he want to settle the windfall world turn one? You know the player to his left will pick trade to draw four cards. I do like settling the military production world on turn two because the player to his right may produce for JR.

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