WBC Coverage: Race for the Galaxy Preliminary Round

Robert Renaud works for Google. In his twenty percent time he created RFTG stats.com, a site that data mines games of Race for the Galaxy. Prior to the site he used to keep track of powerful cards from playing with his friends. Did he spend his time well? Yes. This year marks the fourth year the World Boardgaming Championship will run a Race for the Galaxy tournament. So far Robert remains undefeated. Going for the four-pete, Brian Durkin sits down with Robert after his preliminary rounds. They talk about his games and how Robert approaches the game. Check out the video below to hear the interview and see clips of Robert’s matches.

Did you learn anything? Do you agree or disagree with Robert’s analysis of the game and playing in tournaments?

Let us know what you think.

Additional Information

Interested in the World Boardgaming Championship? Check out the link.
For more information about Race for the Galaxy check the product page on BoardGameGeek.com.
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  1. I was "that guy" with Terraforming Guild and Improved Logistics in the first preliminary game. I had amazingly good cards in that game (I also had Uplift code, a batch of Uplift windfalls, and +2 military so I could settle them.)

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