WBC Coverage: 7 Wonders Finals

By Brian Durkin

And then there was six. One hundred and sixty four dreams crushed. Who will win? Chris Terrell, assistant game master for the event, felt like a good candidate. Check out his draft in the video below. Brian provides commentary to his picks. Afterwords Brian sits down with Chris as they discuss his strategies for playing 7 Wonders and how the game masters managed this new event.

Any picks you disagree with? Do you think Chris’s score came down to where he sat at the table?

Let us know what you think.

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  1. Once again, great video! I agree with the comment about building up your wonder to stage 3, and if possible 4 as giza during Age II as if nothing else, it makes Arena a more valuable card for you. However, there can be some value in saving a stage or 2 for hate drafting purposes. At a table with all 6 players being highly skilled it may not matter as much, but having the strategic flexibility to prevent Mr. Science to your right getting his last card to make a set. All in all though, I'm not sure if Chris really could have done anything differently. I noticed he passed on Haven which seemed odd, also, the military game is always so hard to predict as if your neighbors fight you it can really be an investment that doesn't pay off in the long run. Hard to say without seeing what Chris' neighbors were building. All in all though, great vid!

  2. After looking at the final scores and his decisions I think Chris could have earned a couple more points. If he built his second stage at the end of Age II I think it frees him up to make a better play in Age III. Of course hindsight is 20/20 and these extra points would only put him in third instead of fourth. I think Chris did a great job throughout the event, playing and working.

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