WBC Coverage: 7 Wonders Semifinals

by Brian Durkin

Unless you make the final table, you can only hope to at least play to make the final table. Mindy Kyrkos sits in that seat. Although she would not mind smashing face in Puerto Rico, she wants to win the 7 Wonders tournament. On the verge of topping the first ever 7 Wonders tournament at the World Boardgaming Championship, watch as Mindy plays with Halicarnassus and battles against five other tough competitors.

Mindy made a great effort. I feel as though she just sat in the wrong seat. Two players across the table qualified with 68 and 67 points. Regardless of your chances of making the top six, would you have played her position any different? Do you agree with her picks and Brian’s commentary? If you disagree, please elaborate on what you would do different.

Let us know what you think.

Additional Information

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If you live in the tri-state area, consider stopping by AU to pick up a copy and play with the staff. They make up my play test group. We play usually every Monday Night.

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