WBC Coverage: 7 Wonders Quarterfinals

By Brian Durkin

In a previous post, Pat Coyle sat down with Brian to discuss 7 Wonders strategy. This time they take a look at one of Pat’s games, but not just any game. Competing in the World Boardgaming Championship, Pat plays side “B” of Babylon and attempts to place into the top 18. Check out his picks in the video below as Pat discusses his strategy for the event.

Do you like to dedicate a lot of picks to scientific structures? When playing Babylon do you try to take all three manufactured goods in order to set up a Chamber of Commerce? Do you agree or disagree with Pat’s picks or any of the commentary?

Let us know what you think.

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  1. Hello,I noticed your group seems to emphasize caravansery, forum, and many of the commercial structures quite a bit. While I agree they're powerful, I was wondering if Pat regrets not taking one of the dual resources in his first pick (I believe one contained a wood)? Hindsight being 20/20, I'm not sure if this would have allowed an earlier wonder construction or not? While not always possible, I like to prioritize getting that 2nd stage of Babylon side B wonder before the end of Age I to take advantage of the extra build. My second question, if pursuing science so aggressively, is it necessary to acquire most if not all the age I science cards to complete 3 full sets? It seems thats a very tall order, and I'm not sure I've ever been able to do this at a table where people are paying attention to what I'm doing.And also, how important is a resource base for establishing a science strategy? It seems like the chains would allow for less of a need for money but Pat seemed to be low on cash throughout the game. Thanks!John

  2. Those are some good questions John!After playing with Babylon B side, I think it's pretty important to have the 2nd stage built by the end of the second age. If you can finish it by the end of the first age, then that's great and you're doing really well, but because of the resource requirements and other cards you may want to be picking up, it can be difficult to accomplish. Two things that really ended up hurting me in this game was not finishing my wonder in age 2, forcing me to use more age 3 picks on my wonder, and my lack of cash, which could be attributed to both my lack of resources and the players on my right and left rarely buying from me.I think that pre-leaders, getting two science matches is what you want to shoot for. Going for three can really eat up a lot of your picks when you could be taking other cards. If you ARE going for three sets though, those age 1 science resources are invaluable to helping you win. Unfortunately, card distribution in each pack could make it hard to build all of them, but if you live the dream you'll be in an excellent position going into the next two ages. Being able to construct your other science structures for free will end up saving you a significant amount of cash if you don't have time to take resources. It's going to be pretty rare that you'll get all of them though, so I would just try to pick up the ones you can in age 1 and go from there. Also, the more science buildings you get in age 1 and 2, the less you'll have to worry about picking up in age 3, leaving you open for high-scoring guilds or military to hopefully win over your neighbors instead of having worry about completing your sets.As for a resource base when playing, I'd concentrate on either picking up the manufactured goods or forum, followed by making sure I have access to the resources needed to complete your wonder. Any other resources you feel you have time to pick up can save you some cash, but I wouldn't take them unless there is absolutely nothing else I needed. Whether you go for the forum or the individual manufactured goods will depend on how the packs go and each plan has it's own advantages and disadvantages. Picking up the manufactured goods will will let you build up your science earlier, hopefully will encourage your neighbors to buy from you, and will make Chamber of Commerce and eight point card in age three that you're almost guaranteed to get. The forum allows you to use less picks on getting the manufactured goods, which can leave you with two more picks for other cards or wonder construction. I think a forum is a better option for the wonders that start with a manufactured good, but like I said, it will really depend on how the packs are going for you and how your neighbors are picking. You might find that all you'll need is a marketplace!Science can be tricky to play sometimes, but from my experiences at the WBC, it seemed as though most players favored other strategies over going the science plan, which is why I decided to play the way I did. Someone might as well take advantage of them!Thanks for the questions John!Pat

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