WBC Coverage: 7 Wonders Preliminary Round

by Brian Durkin

The Boardgaming Players Association (BPA) runs the World Boardgaming Championship (WBC) every year in Lancaster, PA at the Lancaster Host Hotel. Thousands of people come from all over the world to play games against new groups of people, purchase games from vendors, and of course compete for title of world champion in their favorite game. This year the WBC added 7 Wonders to its schedule and 170 attended the event.

The game masters (GM) assigned players to random tables of at least six players. Each table plays two games; the first game players use side “A” and the second game players use side “B.” Between games every player changes seats  to sit next to new people and everyone plays a new wonder. Players combine their scores from each game to determine first and second from each table. The highest scores from these first and second place table finishes move on to the top 42 quarterfinal playoffs. In the first game using side “A” of Lighthouse of Alexandria, Next Level Card Games follows Fred Chang as he navigates his way through the packs. Enjoy.

Do you agree with Fred’s decisions? Do you think Fred did make a mistake in pick three and four of Age III? Would you play his seat a different way?

Let us know what you think.

Additional Information

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If you live in the tri-state area, consider stopping by AU to pick up a copy and play with the staff. They make up my play test group. We play usually every Monday Night.

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