7 Wonders Strategy: Winning Picks for the Colossus of Rhodes Side “B”

By Brian Durkin
An optimal set up for the Colossus of Rhodes side “B”
What’s the best part of having money? You can buy things. Similar to the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, the “B” side of the Colossus of Rhodes gives the player money for completing the stages of this wonder. This key difference between the two sides of Rhodes changes how you build your resource base and what other cards you can afford to play.
This Little Piggy Went to Market

If you can leave Age I with all the commercial structures, then consider that a huge success. Trading Post and Marketplace will allow you to play Forum and Caravansary in Age II, which you will not have the resources to play without these buildings from the first age. Caravansary allows you to skip taking Stone Pit and Ore Vein in Age I, and Forum allows you to avoid relying on manufactured goods and your neighbors’ full support in taking the grey cards. You cannot count on opening and playing Caravansary and Forum every time you play because these cards go fast. I recommend hedging your bets and take Stone Pit in Age I to help facilitate completing the first stage of your wonder. Pay attention to your partners too; do not take Stone Pit if you sit next to the Pyramids of Giza, and instead concentrate on other vital resources your neighbors will not help you with. Anytime you play a commercial structures strategy, you need to fill the gaps of resources your neighbors leave with your own picks. But what should you build to accompany the Colossus?
Wonders that generate money benefit
the most from commercial structures
This Little Piggy Stayed at Home
These Age II cards will make up
the majority of the resources you
will produce during the game.
Decorate the Mandraki Harbor with civilian structures. People like to live by the beach, so accommodate your townsfolk with cheap buildings. I recommend taking several blue cards in Age I. If you skip out on taking brown and grey cards then you will need to capitalize on trees of free construction. Cards like Theater and Altar give you plays in Age II when you have not yet seen crucial cards such as Quarry, Foundry, or the fore mentioned commercial structures. Civilian structures will also boost your score significantly before entering Age III, which will keep the pressure off requiring a high average point value per card in the final age. Between taking blue and yellow cards, do not forget the other primary color.
One of the trees of free construction you can
take advantage of as Rhodes side “B”
This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef
Try to take a military structure
in every age
Dennis Leary once said, “Meat tastes like murder, and murder tastes pretty [bleeping] good.” In case you forgot, in order to construct a giant statue of Helios you need to crack some skulls. Rhodes gravitates towards fighting, so battle your neighbors. I recommended taking two military structures for side “A,” but you cannot make time to use a third of your picks on red cards in Age I when playing side “B.” Taking a military structure in Age I and II plus constructing your wonder will still make it hard for your neighbors to win. As stated earlier, you need to pick up civilian structures to score points and access more cards for free. Concentrating too much on red with side “B” will put you in a position where you find yourself not able to play any cards.
This Little Piggy Had None
No green. No grey. In an ideal world you can stick to the primarily colors. You will need to take Foundry and Quarry to finish your wonder, but only take manufactured goods if you realize you probably will not receive a Forum; however, if your neighbors possess all three manufactured goods and you own Marketplace then do not worry about it. Completing your wonder and other cards like Tavern and Bazaar will keep you in business. If you do not have take manufactured goods, supporting scientific buildings will prove difficult. Depending on the seating arrangements you can try going green instead of blue, but I feel blue provides a more dependent and safer victory point progression if you avoid taking grey cards. Playing through the game with the absolute minimal amount of resources cards provides special advantages. Certain cards will go all the way to your home.
And This Little Piggy Went “Wee! Wee! Wee!”
Workers Guild, Strategists Guild, &
Craftsmens Guild are the three best
guilds for Rhodes side “B”
Usually players yell, “Why? Why? Why?” when they see Workers Guild. They cannot fathom any player benefiting from this card, until they notice that this guild skipped its way around the table to make you as happy as a pig. In six to seven player games, almost every guild will make it into the draft. Most guilds possess situation benefits requiring your neighbors to build specific structures. Even if they build the color you need for a particular guild, you still have to pay the usually not so easy cost of the guild. If you did take Caravansary in Age II, side “B” of Rhodes should only need one wood or clay from a neighbor to play Workers Guild (assuming you grab stone and ore for building your wonder). In case you cannot play Workers Guild, do not forget about the mighty Craftsmens Guild. Side “B” of Rhodes lives to play this card. Purchasing all those manufactured goods throughout the game from neighbors will feel more like investing if this guild makes it to you. If you do not manage to see either of these bombs, hopefully Strategists Guild will make its way to you. Playing any of the other guilds involves way too many variables to discuss here because of your assumed lack of brown and grey cards.
Summary of Picks
The following list highlights all the potential cards to look out for when playing side “B.” The order of the cards on the list does not reflect a particular card’s importance versus other cards.
Age I
  • Barracks
  • Marketplace
  • East or West Trading Post
  • Tavern
  • Theater
  • Altar
  • Pawnshop
  • Stone Pit
  • Ore Vein
Age II
  • Caravansary
  • Forum
  • Training Ground
  • Foundry
  • Quarry
  • Temple
  • Statue

  • Strategists Guild
  • Workers Guild
  • Craftsmens Guild
  • Town Hall
  • Palace
  • Circus
  • Fortifications
  • Lighthouse
Note: Taking a lot of commercial structures makes Lighthouse a great pick in Age III. Lighthouse probably will not score more than five or six points when playing Rhodes, but that still meets my recommended benchmark for Age III. If you cannot secure a Forum, evaluate which manufactured resource you need the most. Loom allows you to play Strategist Guild, but I think Glass gives you better odds and options. It opens up Town Hall and Lighthouse.
Thanks for your patronage in this long journey to cover all the wonders. If you want to catch up on previous articles covering the other starting positions, check out the Table of Contents page to find the list of articles.
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  1. I just want to point out that you have caravansary and forum as optimal for most, if not all, of your wonder strategies. Colossus doesn't seem like one in which you would emphasize these two cards, so I guess you value Caravansary and Forum super high, and I wouldn't really argue with you. I think since you are done with each wonder, your next 7 wonders articles could focus around your highest valued picks and such, not just explaining to laymen why, but in which circumstances you can actually find value in paying 4 moneys for Caravansary/Forum pick 1, and when not to, etc.

  2. @ Fred:I do consider Caravansary and Forum as the top cards to pick up in Age II, but the wonder you play determines whether its nice to have versus you needing it. For example, Babylon can play Forum and can benefit from it; however, Babylon doesn't need Forum because it usually wants to take the manufactured goods to benefit from Chamber of Commerce. A wonder like Colossus can usually not make time to take every manufactured good, so not picking up Forum puts you at a serious disadvantage.I like your idea for a 7 Wonders article. I wanted to do some sort of recap of the general strategies that keep popping up in each article (i.e. do not go crazy on military structures, know which way you want to access resources). I'll add your idea to my list of upcoming content.

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