Ascension: Storm of Souls – A Gamey Proposal

Many guys will describe themselves as non-artistic or uncreative, but these men fail to realize that at least one important life moment presents an unparalleled opportunity for creativity and individuality. Boy takes girl to a scary movie to give her a great excuse to jump into his arms; however, the boy also enjoys seeing the reaction. Guys play tricks all the time on their mate because they want to see the shock and awe and spender of surprising him or her. Positive emotion always trumps negative emotion, and the best creative surprise that will guarantee an emotional reaction is proposing to your partner. Regardless of the style of the proposal, everyone can recognize a good one. It takes careful planning. It takes intimacy.

It takes help.

Alan reached out to Gary Games to make his creative personalized proposal possible, and they delivered in spectacular fashion by creating an original card for the occasion. Check out the video of the proposal.



I want to thank Justin Gary, Eric Sabre, Ryan O’Connor, Shari Lesser, and everyone at Gary Games for their contribution to this beautiful moment. Let’s not forget to thank Alan and Crystol for sharing this moment with us as well. Best of luck to both of them, but I’m sure they won’t need it. 🙂

Additional Information

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