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*********   Update   ********   Still working hard to get this new site up to speed. In the meantime, you should be writing. Yes. You! NLCG is always looking for guest writers or regular contributors. Feel free to pitch an idea to Just use the subject line: “Article Pitch: __________”. Fill in the blank with your […]

Day of the Dead Strategy: Timing Spirit Effects

In Evan Raisner’s new game Day of the Dead, players should adopt Dr. Logan’s philosophy and train their zombies (preferably for combat against other undead). Unfortunately you do not have a freezer of dead military personal for your army of Bubs to feast on like Popeye with spinach; however, in Evan’s game a team of […]

Ascension: Storm of Souls – A Gamey Proposal

Many guys will describe themselves as non-artistic or uncreative, but these men fail to realize that at least one important life moment presents an unparalleled opportunity for creativity and individuality. Boy takes girl to a scary movie to give her a great excuse to jump into his arms; however, the boy also enjoys seeing the […]

Resident Evil Deck Building Game: Best Character

Free. A radical price according to Chris Anderson, but a price people must begin to accept in the future. The future is now. Free is the cost of ammunition for your future arsenal. Free is not the cost of your character. How Can a Character Have a Cost? Some characters are more powerful than others. […]

Ascension: Storm of Souls – Interview with Justin Gary

by Brian Durkin Later this week Gary Games will release Storm of Souls, the third installment to the hit deck building game Ascension. Storm of Souls adds a new card type and new mechanics to the game. Visit the Ascension Official Website for more details about product information, and how you can receive a copy. […]